Please check your goods before signing the delivery note. If there is damage to your goods, you must mark the delivery note as “Damaged”; otherwise, we are unable to lodge a claim. This includes removing the top of any crates to check the condition of the goods.

The odd slab may break while in transit; this is unavoidable and would not be replaced. We always recommend using these occasionally broken slabs for the inevitable cuts.

In the exceptional circumstance where your goods have been damaged and several slabs are broken, please mark the delivery note as “Damaged”. Please proceed to contact us immediately to discuss the next steps. We will require all breakages to be quantified and individual images of the broken slabs to be sent to:

If replacements are required, we will endeavor to get them to you in 1 to 2 working days. Unless all or a majority of the slabs are broken, we recommend that you accept the delivery in order to avoid re-delivery charges; this will not affect your right to claim for replacements.