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Brazilian Black Slate – Outdoor Porcelain

£113.50£480.00 (inc VAT) per pack

Introducing Brazilian Black Slate Porcelain – an embodiment of natural elegance. Embrace the profound allure of Brazilian slate, meticulously recreated in porcelain form. The deep, mysterious black hue adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. Whether indoors or outdoors, this porcelain captivates with its authentic texture and timeless beauty. Elevate your space with the richness of Brazilian Black Slate Porcelain, and let its striking presence become a statement of style.



Each 600 x 600mm pack contains 23.4 square metres and 900 x 600mm packs contain 21.6 square metres. Here at Sanderson Stone, we can split packs to supply any quantity you require, get in touch with our dedicated sales team or request a quote.

Pack Contents:

Brazilian Black Slate Indian Porcelain (Thickness 20mm)

We offer Bazlian Black Slate Porcelain in 600mm x 600mm and 900mm x 600mm.

Brazilian Black Slate (900mm x 600mm) packs will contain 40 pieces.
Brazilian Black Slate (600mm x 600mm) packs will contain 60 pieces.


600 x 600mm, 900 x 600mm


Full Pack, 3/4 Pack, 1/2 Pack, 1/4 Pack

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