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Aosta White – Outdoor Porcelain

£113.50£480.00 (inc VAT) per pack

Elevate the elegance of your patio with the Aosta White Porcelain. Radiating a sophisticated off-white hue, this porcelain masterpiece seamlessly blends with contemporary designs, offering a fresh and polished aesthetic. Its minimalist charm is accentuated by its durable build, ensuring that it not only looks exquisite but stands the test of time. Perfect for those seeking a clean and modern touch, Aosta White is the ultimate fusion of style and functionality. Experience the beauty of understated luxury.



Each 600 x 600mm pack contains 23.4 square metres and 900 x 600mm packs contain 21.6 square metres. Here at Sanderson Stone, we can split packs to supply any quantity you require, get in touch with our dedicated sales team or request a quote.

Pack Contents:

Anthracite Indian Porcelain (Thickness 20mm)

We offer Kandla Porcelain in 600mm x 600mm and 900mm x 600mm.

Anthracite (900mm x 600mm) packs will contain 40 pieces.
Anthracite (600mm x 600mm) packs will contain 60 pieces.


600 x 600mm, 900 x 600mm


Full Pack, 3/4 Pack, 1/2 Pack, 1/4 Pack

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